Directory of Businesses Against Vaccine Passports

Anna Brees, the former BBC journalist and alt media personality, has helped to create a directory of businesses in the U.K. and Ireland opposed to vaccine passports. It’s very easy to use – you just type in your postcode and it brings up a list of businesses near you that are opposed to the introduction of a Covid certification scheme. If you’re a business owner, you can also ask to be included in the directory.

Cinema & Co., the Welsh independent movie theatre that has been ordered to close because it refuses to exclude customers who haven’t been vaccinated, has now raised over £56,000 via a crowdfunder.

Stop Press: The Australian division of ALDI, the German supermarket chain, has sent a letter to all its employees telling them they’ll be fired if they’re not double jabbed by March 1st 2022. Only a matter of time before ALDI does the same in the U.K.?

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