Tens of Thousands March for Freedom in London

A huge crowd has descended on central London today to make their feelings known to the Government about the endless restrictions we have been living under since March last year. They are also calling for Matt Hancock to resign following revelations that he kissed an aide despite regulations banning intimate contact being in force at the time. MailOnline has the story.

Tens of thousands of anti-lockdown protestors marched in central London today calling for freedom and an end to COVID-19 lockdown regulations. 

Maskless anti-vaccine and anti-lockdown protesters were seen marching along Oxford Street in central London on Saturday as they called for the end to all Covid regulations after Freedom Day was delayed from June 21st.  

As well as demanding the end to Covid lockdown rules, protestors also brandished placards that demanded police “arrest Matt Hancock” after he was caught breaching Covid safety regulations by kissing his married aide.

The crowds of protestors marched through Oxford Street, Regent Street, Hyde Park and Northumberland Avenue as they held placards reading “freedom is not for trade”, “no to Covid vaccine” and “no to Covid passport”.

If you’re there, why not send us your photos.

Read MailOnline‘s report in full here.

Stop Press: BBC News has actually covered the protest, although it describes the number of protestors as “thousands” and is at pains to point out that the numbers aren’t just made up by anti-lockdown protestors: “Whether it was austerity or Palestine, lockdown or the NHS, campaigners of all ages and backgrounds wanted to make their voices heard today.”

Stop Press 2: The Evening Standard covered the protest in a surprisingly balanced way. The Guardian, on the other hand, did not.

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