All Hail the ‘Swiss Doctor’ and His Facts About COVID-19!

Back in March 2020, as the mainstream virus narrative took shape with suicidal lockdowns at the centre and all dissent smothered, there were few sites early sceptics could go to for a solid second opinion. One that stood out as a font of reliable information was the previously little known (at least in the English-speaking world) website Swiss Policy Research.

On March 14th 2020, three days after the WHO declared a pandemic, a “Note on COVID-19” appeared on the site, which simply said: “A Swiss doctor (internist) asks us to publish the following information on the current situation in order to enable our readers to make a realistic risk assessment.” Shortly renamed “A Swiss doctor on COVID-19“, the page began to be updated everyday, sometimes multiple times a day, and became essential reading for all sceptics trying to stay on top of the fast-changing international situation. While the identity of the original “Swiss doctor” has never been revealed (will they ever let us know who they are?), it was soon expanded to be resourced by a team and in April became the “Facts about COVID-19” page. In May 2020 it moved to monthly updates. You can read all the original daily updates on the web archive here – a fascinating time capsule of how an alternative narrative based on data not panic took shape beneath the radar.

The site was early in raising flags on all these key aspects of the crisis:

  • The evidence for a lab origin
  • The problems with PCR testing, false positives and distinguishing deaths “with” and “from” Covid
  • Infections declining before lockdown and being unaffected by restrictions
  • The dangers of ventilators
  • The lack of evidence for surface transmission
  • The ineffectiveness of masks
  • The problem of deaths caused by lockdown and panic, especially in care homes
  • The importance of early treatment, with the site using its medical expertise to introduce its own protocol in July 2020
  • Issues around vaccine safety and efficacy and the post-vaccine infection spike

The site has been especially useful for hearing from some of Europe’s sceptics, who can otherwise get missed in the Anglophone world. Thai-German virologist Sucharit Bhakdi’s lambasting of lockdowns as “grotesque, senseless, self-destructive, collective suicide” was an early highlight.

Two weeks ago the site announced that their May update would be their last regular one, and I emailed them to thank them for all they had done in providing facts amidst the propaganda and said it marked the end of an era. Well, plenty of others must have contacted them as well, since a new update appeared today, by popular demand, which as always is well worth a read.

Alongside their monthly updates and ad hoc posts they have also provided seven reference pages that are kept up to date, on the lethality of the virus, treatment, masks, virus origin and other topics, that are some of the most comprehensive available. The facts summary page also lists their other articles by topic.

The site has sometimes been smeared as unreliable, which is wholly undeserved as all their articles and claims are meticulously referenced from reliable sources – far better than many mainstream outlets, including some science journals. I’m sure they’ve made mistakes, but haven’t we all, and that’s not the same as being unreliable.

When this is all over – assuming the powers-that-be ever let it be over – there will be many sceptics who, like me, will be raising a glass to the Swiss Doctor and his facts about COVID-19.

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