Grannies Gone Wild

A reader has sent us the following email about older people among his family and friends becoming much more blasé about social distancing rules since being vaccinated. Heartwarming stuff.

My 62-year-old and vaccinated wife took advantage of our bountiful government’s magnanimity and met up with a 70-year-old vaccinated friend for a walk today at a local beauty spot. They mused on the very obviously more-than-two groups walking around brazenly. Her friend told my wife that her husband (70), also vaccinated, has given up on lockdowns and is now routinely visiting his ailing father in his late nineties, likewise vaccinated, on the simple basis that neither of them have time to waste on fooling about with precautions that no longer have any serious validity. Their remaining opportunities to see each other are more important. According to the pair, this is happening on a wider scale, as we already know. Life’s simply too short. Perhaps we have already reached the point of no return? Professor Chris (‘clunk click, every trip) Whitty’s dire warnings today of another biblical apocalypse heading our way over the summer might already be blurring into the proverbial fart in a hurricane. We can live in hope.