Pepsi Max Tests Positive for COVID-19

There follows a guest post by Nic Elliott, host of the Sounding Board podcast.

I decided to order some lateral flow tests now that anyone can request to be regularly tested.

My aim – a simple testing of household available items to see what the results would be. The results are crazy.

  • 3 gave a negative result.
  • 1 gave a void.
  • But 3 out of the 7 tests gave a positive result.

I make that a false positive rate of 43%, or 50% if you remove the voided result from the sample.

First I tested water – that came up negative. Then some tea left in my teapot, also negative.

Then I decided to test my own saliva (but not a swab stuck anyone official). That was negative, and still no voided results in sight.

I decided at this point to get serious and brought out the Lee & Perrins. This did give a void result, so it was time to bring out the big guns.

Pepsi Max (other vegetable extract-based drinks are available) – positive for SARS-CoV-2!

Then milk – a very faint line, but still classed as a positive according my official NHS leaflet.

And finally, mango chutney, the third positive COVID-19 test result.

Obviously, I am not going to report these staggering results, but maybe I’m looking for a conspiracy in the wrong area… Maybe the real bombshell is that COVID-19 is being spread through cola, cow’s milk and curry condiments.