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Anatomy of a Cancellation

Anatomy of a Cancellation

We're publishing an essay today by longtime Daily Sceptic contributor Dr. Sinéad Murphy about how a lecture she was due to give on gender at Newcastle Uni got cancelled due to concerns about students' 'mental health'.

Anatomy of a Cancellation

by Dr. Sinéad Murphy Some weeks ago, I was invited to speak at a student conference, to be hosted by Newcastle’s Philosophy Department on November 17th 2021. The title of the conference: “Thinking Differently”. Having accepted the invitation, I began to consider what theme I might best speak on. It is coming up to two years since I have had the opportunity of addressing a group of young people on philosophical matters, although I have spent half of my lifetime in regularly doing so. The chance should not be squandered, I thought – not in these challenging times, at any rate. I had the idea of beginning my presentation with a brief account of a chance meeting that I had a couple of months into the first U.K. lockdown of 2020, when I collided with a man suddenly and without warning. I was running, he was coming out of a pharmacy. Before either of us knew what was happening, we were in each other’s arms. Or – I was in his arms, to be precise. He had extended them outward and forward so that they grasped my shoulders. I had drawn my elbows towards my body and put out my palms so that they pushed against his chest. I thought of asking the students at the conference to consider what ...

August 2022
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