Life Returns to Normal… At a Funeral

A reader has sent us an account of a funeral he attended today. Sounds wonderful.

Just back from a village funeral today.

130-150 mourners packed into the medieval church. Age profile 20-90, average age 60s. White British almost without exception, dominated by the nominally high risk age groups.

Masks? I counted four, including the vicar. Social distancing? Are you joking? We were packed in like Japanese commuters. No-one gave a damn except someone who seemed to have a crisis mid-service for unknown reasons and fled into the graveyard.

Singing? En masse. Laughing too.

Piled into the local pub for the wake, packed to the rafters too. Covid a popular topic but the line was if we’re vaccinated that’s all we can do, time to get on with it and stop farting about.

The Government can fool itself anyway it wants, Neil Ferguson can say anything he likes, and Gabriel Scally can talk as much **** as he likes. But the fact is that it’s over. I can’t see anyone rowing back from this – the mere fact of mass vaccination has entirely changed perception of the lockdown rules, or acceptance of them.

You know what? For a couple of hours it was like the Good Old Days.