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...My name there will… the Police be also, to fine thee for breaking the Lockdown Rules. Professor Ferguson’s Latest Astrological Charts Professor Ferguson gazing into a crystal ball made of...

Latest News…” and is worth a watch. The Glitch that Stole Christmas We’re publishing today a piece by James Ferguson, founding partner of research company MacroStrategy, which looks in-depth at the...

Latest News Professor Neil Ferguson and his team at Imperial College, including a guest post by “Sue Denim”, the software engineer who wrote “Code Review of Ferguson’s Model” for Lockdown Sceptics...

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...Neil Ferguson’s modelling, as well as his efforts to contact Ferguson to convey those misgivings. Ferguson didn’t return his emails. He also talks about herd immunity and the fact that...

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...Ferguson’s previous barmy predictions. It seems I understated his alarmism. You wrote: “Worth reminding people again that Professor Ferguson’s estimates of the impact of previous viral outbreaks have been almost...

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A Ferguson Worth Listening To Matt Hancock and his closest advisors receive the latest modelling update from Prof Neil Ferguson James Ferguson, who runs a financial research company called the...

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...and it was accepted by the public and reinforced by the medics, the scientists and the courts. In December, Professor Neil Ferguson admitted to the Times the critical role of Italy in...

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