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Anyone got an exception?

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Hi all, wishing the best

I'm unvaccinated and looking to go to US, has anyone done this?


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Well if you plan to enter the US illegally from Mexico, no problem. You will be joining at least 200K per month illegal immigrants crossing the border who have no vaccinations, no tests, nothing.

Want to enter the US legally then you will have to go through the all the DHS/TSA bullsh*t. The worthless tests, the dangerous shots that last a few months. Maybe.

One thing to look into is that VLA2001 got approval in the UK. Its the attenuated virus SARs CoV 2 shot so no more dangerous than the annual flu shot.

Check to see if the incompetent morons in the CDC will accept VLA2001 as an acceptable vaccine for entry to the US

The problem I and so many had with the mRNA / adenovirus shots is that they are completely untested and the mRNA ones have a long history of serious side effect during previous clinical trials. 

If something like VLA2001 had been on offer after December 2020 then I for one would have had not problem with taking it if forced. Even though it is basically a public health placebo.

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@jmc Thanks! This is helpful information. Is there any way to get this vaccine? Even by travelling to a different country to get it?

There is also a Novavax that looks similar, but some trials still taking place. This still concerns me... 

Also there is a requirement for double vaccination... makes no sense...

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This is the best place to follow current status of VLA2001.

Looks like they got a CMA but then the regulators back pedaled requiring "more data". This is total BS. Either incompetence or more likely, institutional  corruption of some form. All five "approved" UK vaccines were approved on the basis of incomplete, fraudulent, or non existent clinical data. By previous regulatory standards. 

So far only VLA2001 has mostly followed the previous (pre  2020) regulatory approval process and timeline and provided clinical data of the previous minimal standards for approval. 

There are going to be some very interesting lawsuit in the years to come.

As for US regulations. Completely stupid and no basis in fact or science. After all these are  the people who require you to take off your shoes even though the shoe bomber got whacked by other passengers. And both UK and French airport security tried to prevent him flying in the first place. US Heath regulations and  like security regulations are just bureaucratic theater. So pointless trying to make any sense of them.

As the "COVID" shots have such weak effect the second shot is the one that gives "Full Vaccination Status". Thats how I read the State Dept notice.


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I have an exemption but find myself in Catch 22 - NHS app hell being passed from pillar to post - any help would be appreciated 

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