Hugh McCarthy

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Why Children Should Not Be Masked

by Hugh McCarthy A child sitting at a desk for nearly two hours in silence, wearing a mask, puts up her hand to ask for help. The teacher steps out from behind a screen wearing a mask and puts on a visor. The pupil also puts on a visor. The teacher approaches the pupil and stops six feet away. The child points to her book and asks a question. Is that what we want? Is it necessary? Masking children is tragic, unscientific and damaging, according to the American Institute of Economic Research (AIER). Worse still, according to Dr. Paul Alexander, masks offer “zero protection”. The requirement that our children cover their noses and mouths for six to seven hours per day whilst at school – which remains a school-enforced requirement in Northern Ireland, acting on 'guidance' from the Government – is unnecessary and educationally destructive. It is self-evidently unhygienic. Furthermore, masks are harmful. Many scientific studies have confirmed the harmful physical, psychological and behavioural effects of mask wearing. To start with, we know that reduced oxygen levels increase anxiety, fatigue and brain fog, and decrease learning capacity. Dr. Margareta Griesz-Brisson, Director of the London Neurology and Pain Clinic, is one of Europe’s leading neurologists. She states that: “To deprive a child’s or an adolescents’ brain from oxygen, or to restrict...

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January 2023
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