Dr Lee Jones

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Neither Zero Covid nor Vaccinations will Allow us to Return to Normality: We Must Learn To Live With Covid

By Dr. Lee Jones Much of the developing world continues to suffer serious casualties from COVID-19. But some wealthier countries are groping towards the end of the pandemic. Based on their experience, it is now clear that neither eliminating the virus, nor vaccinating against it, offer a way out. Even if everyone is vaccinated, we will still need to learn to live with this disease and, above all, to restore a saner evaluation of risk. The Lunacy of “Zero Covid” As Australia clearly shows, a ‘zero Covid’ approach is not a way out of the pandemic but only prolongs the agony. Australia is exceedingly boastful of its record during the pandemic, recording under 31,000 cases and just 910 deaths. However, Australia has not managed this feat thanks to a well-designed pandemic preparedness system. In fact, it was no better prepared than most neoliberal states, collapsing into extremely costly emergency lockdowns and internal and external border closures. Prolonged lockdowns through 2020 failed to eliminate the disease, and governments failed to build the healthcare capacity necessary to deal with Covid patients when the country is not locked down. Consequently, today, all it takes is a small handful of cases to trigger state-wide lockdowns. The entire state of Victoria (population: 6.9m) locked down two weeks ago over 18 cases. Australia is locked in...

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January 2023
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