Dr Ben Irvine

The Road to Lockdown: How Unions Drove Covid Policy

by Dr. Ben Irvine Recently I’ve done a lot of research into the role of public sector unions in driving the coronapanic debacle in Britain. I’ve written a long essay on the topic – “The Unions and the U-turns”. And I’ve created two videos: the first was called “The Unions and the Coronapanic”, and the second was called “The Scandalous Cause of the Third Lockdown”. Since then, I’ve received a lot of comments and questions, and I’ve done some more research, uncovering some shocking new information. So I’ve decided to write another essay on the topic, to fill in a few gaps and provide a few updates. If you haven’t read my other essay, or seen the videos, don’t worry. All you need to know is this: unions drove every single escalation of the coronapanic debacle in Britain by making demands of or threats to the Government, with the Government repeatedly caving in. The National Education Union (NEU) played an especially prominent role, driving all three lockdowns. Here’s a quick summary of the details I’ve disclosed in the essay/videos: The first lockdown happened in March 2020 after the NEU threatened the Government with unilateral schools closures. The masks on public transport mandate in the summer of 2020 happened after the RMT, the rail workers union, threatened to strike. The masks in shops mandate...

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December 2022
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