Clive Pinder

Postcard From California

by Clive Pinder A glistening Pacific Ocean. Glorious sandy beaches. Glamorous Hollywood. Giant redwoods. Golden Sunsets. The Golden Gate Bridge. Iconic images that often adorn the front of a postcard from California. Like Hollywood, today those images flatter to deceive. For those who are thinking of visiting the Golden State now that President Biden has decided to open the borders to air travel on November 1st and not just illegal immigrants traveling across the Southern border from Mexico, I write to let you know that all is not well in paradise! If nothing else, like many other places on the planet, the Covid pandemic hit the poorest and most vulnerable the hardest. The irony is that both California and the United Kingdom, despite being by led by governments that claim to be from the opposite side of the political divide, chose to follow the same course. Boris, a supposed champion of individual rights, chose the same policies as Governor Newsom, a self-proclaimed champion of progressive collectivism and woke culture: Engage mainstream media to spread hysteria. Suspend personal liberties. Lock down businesses. Rat on neighbours. Mandate masks and vaccinations while censoring or maligning anyone who dares to question ‘The Science’ or their policies. The result? Remarkably similar in terms of case and fatality rates – and a lot worse than Sweden....

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September 2022
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