Catherine Brennan

Postcard From Toronto

by Catherine Brennan A couple of week’s ago, I went to my first anti-lockdown rally. I went because I needed to publicly show my questioning of blanket, nonsensical restrictions in Toronto. While big box stores remained open, small, local businesses were closed; schools and churches remained closed, while golf is now open – FORE! I thought, surely we will see a developing plan of action? None came. Just the same lockdown since last November. So I went to show up for the loss of care due to lockdown harms – lost primary care, chronic care, cancer and cardiac care, mental health care, chronic loneliness for the isolated elderly, and last but not least, a lost year or two for our young people. Going to rallies isn’t my thing. I’m not big on shouting and burning bras. A women my age needs all the support she can get. I went because my local MPs didn’t return my polite emails asking them for the reasons around the overlapping, illogical lockdowns. Keeping up with Ontario’s non reopening plans (the province in which Toronto sits, its logo – "Yours To Discover" – a wistful reminder of past meanderings, currently not permitted by a stay-at-home-order which no-one knows for sure still exists) I wanted to know what risk assessments had been done to validate lockdown....

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December 2022
Free Speech Union

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