Pre-School Tyranny

There follows a guest post by a Daily Sceptic reader, who wishes to remain anonymous, about the borderline child abuse they have witnessed being inflicted on children at their child’s nursery owing to the over-zealous application of Covid rules and guidelines. If readers have other stories of the mistreatment of children under Covid rules and guidelines email us here.

Parents with children in nursery care have suffered tremendously with the pandemic. Here is our experience of nurseries in Norfolk. In the first lockdown we were expected to look after our two year old whilst undertaking two full time jobs at home. This was obviously very hard and meant working evenings and weekends to catchup on day jobs. Initially our nursery tried to charge full price for not doing anything. They backed down when they realised they could furlough staff. A discount was given.

In the January 2021 lockdown, with no notice, they reduced the school day by several hours and removed all meals. We had less than 12 hours notice and no reduction in fees. We know from staff at the nursery that they were furloughing staff so that they profited from providing less care.

Needless to say we moved nursery to a better one that provided a better service.

In general we have been happy with the new nursery, however, the Covid idiocy is getting worse.

Even in the summer, parents have to wear masks when they drop their children off outside. I am pretty much the only parent not to do this as it’s clearly stupid and not good for my son to see me masked.

Last week, with less than a day’s notice, we were asked to do a lateral flow test on children (all under-fives). It was worded as a request, but at drop off, it was insisted upon, and if you didn’t have evidence toddlers and babies were swabbed at the door.

My son and I were welcomed to the first day of term with a screaming child pinned to the floor by a parent jamming a swab down their nose. Fortunately I had a magic text on my phone so my son got a free pass. I think, with me unmasked and this magical pass, my son must believe that his dad is some sort of king, and that stupid rules simply don’t apply (in fact, I had tested him at home). He walked straight past screaming child and monster father with his special Covid invisibility protection. Back in the real world, though, nurseries seem perfectly happy to encourage and partake in child abuse at the entrance to their very own premises. Remember, this example is from a nursery that we moved our son to, specifically because it was good with Covid, and at least bothered to open its doors to parents. This story is from one of the better ones. I hate to think what the worst are like.

To all parents out there, please speak up when you experience issues and nonsense. I’ve noticed almost all parents acquiesce, but then when it gets serious (like pinning a screaming child down), they get annoyed whilst wearing a mask. The time to get annoyed was when you were asked to wear a mask outside despite no Government recommendation to do so, not after you’ve abused your child in public!

This madness will only end when more and more parents tell nurseries that they are harming very young children and in may cases committing child abuse.

On a personal level, I hope that I’m teaching my son that it’s a good thing to stand up to tyranny even if that means standing out from the crowd. And failing that, he can continue to think that I have special magic VIP powers. They’re working far better than my magic tricks, which he is already wise to.

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