Now is Not the Time for a U-Turn Prime Minister

I’ve written a piece for Mail+ urging Boris not to waiver in his resistance to the hysterical chorus screaming for more Covid restrictions. Here is an extract:

The drum beat for more Covid restrictions reached a deafening roar last week with the head of the NHS Confederation, Matthew Taylor, demanding the government implement ‘Plan B’ to avert a ‘crisis’ within the NHS. That meant mandatory mask wearing, vaccine passports and working from home.

He was soon joined by trade union leaders like Frances O’Grady, scientific advisors like Professor Adam Finn and politicians like Keir Starmer.

All the usual suspects toured the radio and television studios, urging the Prime Minister to spring into action to ‘save the NHS’ ahead of this year’s flu season, expected to be worse than usual.

But Boris Johnson held his nerve. He sent out his Business Secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng, to declare there would be no further lockdowns and his Health Secretary, Sajid Javid, held a press conference at Downing Street where he announced the government would be sticking to ‘Plan A’ for the time being.

And, once again, Boris’s instincts have proved correct. He ignored the doomsayers, just as he ignored Professor Neil Ferguson and Independent SAGE when they warned daily Covid cases would increase to 100,000 if ‘Freedom Day’ went ahead on July 19th and could go as high as 200,000. Instead of continuing to rise, cases have now started to fall of their own accord, just as they did over the summer.

Yesterday, the Department of Health reported 36,657 new cases in England in the previous 24 hours, down a quarter on last week’s peak and the second day in a row there’s been a week-on-week drop. The number of registered deaths of people who’d tested positive in the previous 28 days was 38, down 16% on last Monday.

Worth reading in full.

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