Charles Johnson

Where Do London’s Mayoral Candidates Stand on Lockdown?

With some noble exceptions, opposition to lockdown has been largely absent from British politics. Yet the London mayoral election on May 6th features several candidates calling for an end to restrictions. Most pundits and pollsters expect a win for Sadiq Khan – and they're almost certainly right. But London-based lockdown sceptics can at least this opportunity to register their discontent. But which candidate should you vote for? Is it Lozza all the way, or are there some other sceptical candidates standing too? Worth remembering you have a supplementary vote, too, so if the candidate you want to be Mayor is eliminated, your other vote is transferred to your second choice. We sent questions to each of the anti-lockdown candidates, as well as those who had expressed sceptical sentiment in the past, to find out where they stand on reopening, vaccine passports, and London after lockdown. Lawrence Fox (Reclaim) Actor and free speech activist, also backed by Richard Tice and the Reform party. Should London be opening quicker than the current roadmap?London should never have been locked down. Now that we have comparative evidence from around the world to support this position, London should swiftly reopen and never lock down again. What changes would you like to see immediately?I would like to see a removal of the mask mandate, support for...

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December 2022
Free Speech Union

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