Has the Government Granted Itself Too Many Draconian New Powers?

4 April 2020  /  Updated 21 April 2020
Steve Baker’s emotional defence of liberty

Further Reading

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Are the government’s lockdown measures proportionate and lawful?‘ by Francis Hoar, The Telegraph, March 29th 2020

Parliament must return to defend our liberties‘ by David Green, The Spectator, April 3rd 2020

Outdoor exercise could be banned if Britons continue to flout social distancing rules‘ by Amy Jones and Christopher Hope, The Telegraph, April 6th 2020

A disproportionate interference: the Coronavirus Regulations and the ECHR‘ by Francis Hoar, UK Human Rights Blog, April 21st 2020

Further Listening

Peter Hitchens: Liberty in the age of Covid-19‘, Podcast with James Delingpole, Ricochet, March 26th 2020

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