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Will there be exemptions for vaccine passports for international travel?

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Is there any way around it now or in the future? Either by having a medical reason, using human rights legislation? Or some other way I haven’t thought of.

i made the mistake of asking this question on TripAdvisor and the sanctimonious responses I received were just about par for the course. 

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Medical reasons, diplomats etc are reasons yes.

But most people aren't going to be exempt.  The exempted people groups are very low for most countries.

Ultimately if you want to travel to most countries you're going to need to be double/triple/quadruple jabbed.


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I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Jabbed or not travel for the masses is soon to be over. Millions of plebs jetting off for a holiday ain't compatible with net zero.

That's without factoring in the fact the economy is on the brink of collapse. Fiat currency is on its last legs. Look at inflation. They can either raise interest rates and bankrupt the whole country LOL or let GBP Sterling collapse to be replaced by CBDC (central bank digital currency) and then your journey to the digital gulag is complete.

There is no going back to pre 2020. Accept it. From here on things will only get worse for you if you ain't already rich.

Take a jab or not, very soon you will be going nowhere. The evidence for what is coming is all around you. You but need to open your eyes!

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Except that isn't any time soon.

You can jump on a plane to most places tomorrow if vaccinated.

Or next month.

Or next year.


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I dunno. Maybe get some urgency behind this after Cop 26. It is after all a Climate Emergency we face.

Ain't just regs that can stop you going. What use is a vaxx to travel if inflation makes international travel unaffordable for the masses?

The economy is ready to implode. Inflation is taking off and the bank of england can't do jack shit about it without bankrupting gov and half the homeowners (mortgagees) in the country LOL

IMHO getting on a plane is soon to be the least of your worries LOL could your head get any further into the sand?


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The simple answer is "it depends how important or rich you are" according to whatever definitions the new international system of subjugation adopts. 

I will also repeat this at the risk of being censored/edited but I strongly suspect a lot of the celebrities touting the jabs in the UK and elsewhere and executive level politicians (but notably not backbench MPs) have not had real SarsCov2 jabs, in return for promoting them to the public and there was an admission by an Australian sportsman recently to the effect he was offered money to promote the jabs.

It's clear from NZ and Australia that the jabs are now mandatory in order to participate in anything approaching the freedoms of real life.

As a side note, I ponder sometimes how the indigenous peoples of those lands feel about that. After decades of struggle to have their lands returned to them, even in a symbolic fashion, they are now subjugated to international totalitarian communism which dictates what they can do on those lands by reference to how many govt mandated injections they are prepared to have


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