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Travel to Spain
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Travel to Spain

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Anyone been to Spain recently? What's it like? How tough are they about letting you in under COVID guidelines?

Still trying to check my status under the combination of post-Brexit and coronachaos regulations.

No websites have a category for 'historian researching in archives'!

I think I'm covered under 'business meetings' for less than 90 days hence no visa. I don't know if it's 'study' as I'm not in education, I'm in an academic job. It's work-related activities, but I won't be buying or selling, or earning money directly when I'm there, so hopefully no work visa required.

My COVID-exception pitch is as a highly-qualified professional doing work that can't be done elsewhere.

Let's hope those two don't cancel each other out.

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Hi, all that follows assumes you are a UK citizen. Stop reading now if not 🙄

I am in Spain at the moment. I know of a couple of people who are not Spanish residents that have been unable to travel to Spain. The airlines have been very hot on turning people away before they even get to board. It seems that residency is more of a factor than reason for travel.

I'm not convinced that anyone other than a Spanish resident will get past the gestapo at the airport. Unless you are coming from Holland, Germany and maybe more as I have noticed plenty of our neighbours from those countries arriving in the last two weeks.

Another option for you that I know has worked for a friend, is to drive over. As long as you get to France without issue, simply drive down. No borders. UK registered car may attract attention from the Guardia though (although mine hasn't so far)

Things to consider - curfews are in place in France and Spain. Ours is 11pm to 6am which makes timing your journey important as you may find, like we did when we drove over on Dec 30th that after curfew you stick out like a sore thumb as the only non lorry on the motorway. Most hotels are still closed. We waited it out in a lay bye when I couldn't take the worry any longer!

A more important issue could be the inability to travel between regions. The internal borders are closed and you see on a daily basis throngs of local police and guardia hanging around near junctions just after borders to pick people off, demand reason for travel (there aren't many, a builder friend on his way to a job got turned back and he's Spanish) Fines are hefty with 3,000 euro being possible.

Masks everywhere outside - strictly enforced with fines.

The good news is that the bars and restaurants are open pretty much everywhere with inside seating no problem, plus only 315 people under 50 have died from covid in the whole of Spain since the start. In my region they are down to less that 10 people in ICU from a population of 1.5 million, all of whom are over 80.

As far as length of stay is concerned, post Brexit you are allowed to stay for 90 days in 180 without any visa or residency so if you pop back to the UK for a day trip after 90 you can pop back for another 90. Most people I have encountered here who aren't permanent stayed for less than that per year anyway so won't notice any difference unless they try to sneak a ham sandwich in.

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Anglo/Spanish professional journalist here......good info. I have spoken to many Spaniards recently and there is no problem inside the country. The first lockdown has been declared "unconstitutional" by the Tribunal Const. The highest court. There are already legal cases in the international courts for genocide/humanity links here:


If there is all the documents to complain against the police are on this link:


There are substantial rights in Spain and a huuge fightback in the Courts which does not seem to be happening here.

A lot going on, beware of the new housing law in local autonomous governments and the new National Security Law which is being discussed. Article link here:

DANGEROUS STUFF..... the link on the Nat.Sec law is amusing.....but then that's MSM for yer!!!


Any further info required please let me know.....it's my job.

Best wishes to all

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The situation within Spain is fluid. Some parts of the country are closing bars restaurants earlier than others.
There is no relief from wearing masks in certain areas. So even with a medical note from a doctor, that will not be acceptable.
I have read on Trip advisor that some errors in the documentation will mean a no fly for you. Don't forget that as the UK is no longer in the UK your passport must have at least 6 months left on it.

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Sounds like the rise of the gestsappo more and more...

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