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Great Reset (aka New World Order)

Mel Martin
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Klaus Schwab and his buddies: Deeds of mass human destruction

Known for the slogan “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy,” Klaus Schwab is the Founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF). He better fits the description of the creator of a vast utopian society – for the wealthy elites. The remaining humans serve the elites similar to the days of peasants and royalty. Well, Prince Charles, heir to the UK throne, is a WEF member.

Why would for-profit corporations, nonprofit foundations, governments, financial institutions, media companies, educational systems, food companies, other organizations, and individuals want to be a part of a future global communist/Marist/fascist regime? Do they agree with global domination and a totalitarian government? A one world banking system? A one world healthcare system? A one world food system based on eating plants and bugs to save the planet? And a Bill Gates’s depopulation plan? Conserve the resources for the wealthy ruling class.

Have these educated professionals been duped into believing a utopian world is feasible? A massive society where nobody owns anything? Or do they believe Klaus will allow them to have a slice of the power pie? And he may as long as they obey.

And who will be the head of the One World Order (aka Great Reseat, New World Order)? An unelected leaders? Who decides who will be the unelected leader(s) is the citizens can no longer vote in democratic selections or elections? No more worries about getting people to the polls or stolen elections.

Watch the documentary “Monopoly, Who Owns the World?” by Tim Gielen and you’ll find out. Notice what and how much the shareholders of Vanguard and Blackrock own – it’s mind boggling.

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I can't believe that the DS isn't screaming about this from the rooftops. Covid statistics etc are frankly unimportant in the scheme of things now. Why are they not shouting from the rooftops that Boris on May 22nd is committing an act of treason, by signing a treaty giving WHO full power over us in the next - bound to be one as Gates is talking about it - plandemic? This means our government is entirely powerless to prevent them locking us down - think China right now - enforced quarantine in camps, forced mask wearing, and of course forced kill shots. 

Apart from a few petitions which will as usual, get nowhere, where is the referendum? We had one regarding Brexit, but not a word about handing our freedom over to a self serving bunch of medical criminals funded largely by a computer nerd who imagines himself to be some medical Oracle.  

Frankly the comatose , brainwashed UK  public deserves this, but it takes people like you and me, down with it. 



Jane G
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It seems too big and too awful to be true. I'm contemplating another (fruitless) email to my MP about it asking why, after all the struggle over Brexit - he voted for it - we would sign over our sovereignty to a group of incompetent, power-crazed despots. His last reply (at least he replies occasionally) was somewhat testy to my query about whether he supported BJ despite him clearly misleading Parliament.

I think all the national leaders just want to wash their hands of any responsibility for the handling of pandemics: there's no way for a leader to emerge unscathed afterwards so if a corporate group offer to take charge (and the blame) then the cowards are only too glad to offload the task.

Given the Great Silence over vaccine injuries and fatalities, I really believe citizens will step delicately over corpses in the street should it come to that, so I'm not too surprised about the apathy over the WHO issue. We're being spoonfed Wagatha Christie and the Depp/Heard snorefest instead, with Russia/Ukraine for the broadsheet readers.

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