27 March 2021  /  Updated 17 July 2021
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Sceptic Hub creation

Redundant Pilot
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Hi guys,

As per my post UTL I will try and act as a hub for anyone that wishes to try and meet other sceptics and have some rational normal contact with human beings.

If you wish to be on the ‘hub’ please private message me with your email address and where you are, you don’t need to be specific but nearest large town or county will do.

Then I’ll act as matchmaker and if I get a pair or enough numbers I’ll email you each others contact details so you can organise a get together if you want to.

Totally up to you. I just think it would be nice to be able to have a coffee at someone’s house and talk about things normally!

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Ruth Learner
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Hello Redundant Pilot, unsure if you are still connecting sceptics but am hard pressed to find any in Brixton /Tulse Hill area - which is where I am. I have strong opinions mainly simpatico with most readers of this website, I believe. Best, Ruth (Learner)