27 March 2021  /  Updated 17 July 2021
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Left Lockdown Sceptics Meeting, London, Saturday 18 Sept

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The mainstream UK Left jumped on board with official restrictions, lockdowns, tracking, medical mandates and New Normalisation, leaving millions who question the Pharma/Guardian/BBC narrative politically homeless. LLS seeks to investigate this phenomenon, and in a climate of intensifying hysteria, to build a broad Left LDS movement, begin new conversations, reach ‘across the aisle’, grapple with de-programming those around us from behaviourist extremism. We'll discuss where we are, the scenarios that have played out over the past 18 months, strategies that could counter them.  Any DS readers who have been on the left are welcome to join us. 18 September 11am to 5pm near Seven Sisters.  FFI and to register please email wqlm@yahoo.com. 

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