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What to do if vax- damaged!

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Jane G
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Ok, besides countering the inevitable  'nothing to do with the jab' knee-jerk response. Vaccination rapidly followed by swellings.

Catalogue of wrong tests, delays and now a diagnosis of lymphoma and the only treatment is chemo.

From the NHS come incompetence, denial, and so on. How do I advise this person who would be prepared to take it to law? (Yellow card filled in)

Is Francis Hoar the only lawyer doing this kind of thing? Have told them about Christopher Chope MP. 

Have I overlooked anything?

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What you describe has occurred to someone I know. Same problem after the jab, same treatment. So I just wonder how many this is happening to.  I am not sure on the legalities but I would try and find a Solicitor who is on board and perhaps they will do on a no win no fee. Francis Hoar is a Barrister so you would need to contact a Solicitor first I think. You could advise them to maybe contact Philip Hyland at PHJ Law (Dr Sam White's Solicitor), if he can't take on he may be able to advise who can. Or Lois Bayliss in West Yorks, the Solicitor who has been collating the evidence for a criminal case (vax damage).  Or Bindmans in London and there will be many others too. As well as medical negligence they should also pursue lack of informed consent (re: the jab as they won't have been told the real adverse reactions nor ingredients for starters)). In reality noone is being given the correct info (including other effective and safe treatments) and it's a legal requirement.

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There may also be PJH Law (I think) the firm who advised Dr Sam White although I think Francis Hoar did the high court appearance for Dr White.

There's also a barrister called Adam Wagner. He seems fairly libertarian and is described as a human rights lawyer.

Jane G
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Thank you for those names, Suzyv and John001.

I'll be speaking to this person's partner in a week or so and will suggest these.

I told them about Christopher Chope and hope he has the tenacity to see this through because it's an absolute disgrace that this is being allowed to happen.

We hear today about the very late recognition of the harmful effects on the foetus of sodium valproate if given to pregnant women, and NHS England are aiming to reduce its use by 50% by next year. Not enough. Just goes to show that these things can drag on for years but it gives me hope that these useless jabs will be discontinued eventually, but how many have to be harmed first?

Don't know whether this person had Pfizer or AZ, though.

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