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Poor injection techniques are making vaccination dangerous

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In this video, John Campbell shows how poor injection techniques are making  vaccination unnecessarily dangerous. The vaccine casualties he talks to have all had serious side effects that are unnecessary and very easily avoided.


Since many years it was  routine for medics to aspirate the needle during vaccination, this was for safety. 

This means 1) stick the needle in your arm, pull it back 1 or two mm, then draw back the plunger slightly if the tip of the needle is resting in a blood vessel,. the medic will see a red tinge in the fluid. 2) In that case it is necessary to pull out the needle and try it again in another spot. 3) And that is how medics avoided  giving the injection directly into the vein of the patient.The mRNA vaccines are dangerous if they reach a vein.

This procedure was taught and followed religiously for many generations of medics.However the practice has been foolishly dropped prior to the Pandemic, and you'd  have to insist on it now.

If the vaccine is administered into the vein, inadvertently, then the patient is more likely to have heart side effects. So that's the  advice - aspirate the needle, I literally had to order my nurse to aspirate the needle. She knew how to do it but had been instructed not to.She reluctantly obeyed.

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Having browsed that YT entry and many of the comments on it, it does appear to be somewhat controversial. At the very least, it looks as if many do not understand the risks.

As an experienced patient for other problems, I’m familiar with intravenous injections, but for purposes that were deliberate. In my case it was done for antibiotic treatment ( 2g dissolved in ~100 ml of saline water, every 6 hours for a couple of weeks), against a bacterial bone infection that could not be dealt with by oral antibiotics. It was administered via intravenous catheters in one of my forearms, which had to be moved around each day or two, as the veins would tend to ‘clot up’ by then. Done in Oxford John Radcliffe, some years ago.

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This has been known for a long while.

mRNA enters a cell

immune system recognises that a cell is an incubator for viral material

Immune system sacrifices cell infected with viral material.

So the ‘vaccine’ is a cell poison.

Trashed arm muscle cells are no problem they just rebuild, they have to every time you pull a muscle.

Not all types cells/organs expect to be trashed and don’t have good  repair mechanisms or strategies for it.

If the vaccine gets extensively into the blood system it can end up just about anywhere and possibly somewhere dangerous eg the nervous system and capillary blood vessels in the heart.

The heart beats in a kind of synchronised  sequence or choreographed wave system , like a Mexican wave in a crowd.

If one small part of it doesn’t work properly the whole thing doesn’t.

And it often doesn't repair that well.

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