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A story of interest to anyone who's about to enter a palliative care unit in Ontario, Canada:

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On my first day at a local hospital's PCU, I decided that I should cooperate fully with their protocols to see where things led.

This soon included a COVID-19 swab of my mouth followed by the same swab then being inserted into each nostril. Next, came the much longer swab that was shoved w-a-y up each nostril near my Cribriform Plate. This in turn was followed by an even bigger swab shoved up my @ss and twirled dry with enthusiasm until I was howling like a dog.

The next day I learned more about where things were going when a nurse entered my private room and announced that more COVID-19 swabs would have to be taken.

I said no.

Incensed, I then sent a polite yet firm email to the director of the palliative care unit I'm in stating that I will tolerate no further COVID-19 swabbing or related procedures of any kind.

By way of explaining why, I offered her the following info:

Mark Carney and the impact of Biodigital Convergence upon your future 05 April 2022

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After sending said email, I calmed down and decided to do a search in order to learn just what my legal grounds were on refusing a medical procedure.

Here's what I found:

"In general, as a patient, you have a right to:

Give or refuse consent for any procedure, and for any reason."

Last updated: January 4, 2016
What are my rights as a patient?

"You have an important role to play in your own health care. You can call these responsibilities, but they are not described in any law. ...

... You are entitled to all of the patient rights that are described in Ontario laws, even if you do not follow these "responsibilities."

Last updated: October 28, 2015
What are my responsibilities as a patient?

"No treatment without consent"

Law Document English View | Ontario.ca

So there it is, folks. If you're dying in Ontario, Canada – and you don't want the WHO and Bill Gates up your @ss for the rest of your life – then learn to say _no_ — and _mean_ it. The Mark Carney link(s) I posted will supply ample justification for doing so.


A number of my under-researched, fellow palliative care unit patients are still submissively howling like dogs — every three days...

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Whatever you do, don't cede your power of attorney to anyone, regardless of the plausibility of whatever pretext is on offer (usually fear-related). Why? Because if you do, your legal ability to say no will be compromised.

I was first asked to sign away my power of attorney at a different local hospital back in 2017. Since arriving at my current one a week ago, I've been asked no less than _four times_ to, in effect, sign away my medical rights on the plausible pretext of my suddenly losing the cognition to authorize an emergency medical procedure.

Though I'm not a lawyer, there are other legal tools available (e.g. something called a 'waver of consent' which I'll be looking into) whose limited scope does not require one to lose all control.

The reality by now is that most of the more vocal 'pandemic' critics have been purged from the medical profession leaving only:

- the brainwashed true believers accustomed to the adulation of being identified as 'heroes'

- those who know something is wrong but choose to keep their head down until it all 'blows over' (it won't), and

- greenhorns who are unlikely to challenge the system which has vaulted them into a position they are unqualified for.

09 June, 2021
'Growing practice' of non-nurses being recruited for registered nurse roles | Nursing Times

In short, watch yourself. No one else will.

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Meeting a deadline.

"The main thrust of the bill is to allow people to make an advanced request for an assisted death in the event they develop severe Alzheimer's disease.

Opposition parties were caught off guard by the addition of severe neuromotor impairment, which had not come up for debate, and denounced Dubé's decision to include it."

26 May 2022
Quebec drops section of assisted-death bill to ensure it gets adopted quickly

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This article/post merits contemplation. I have a dear friend who has worked in the area of palliative medicine for decades. I was shocked by the brutality. It comported with my own observation of palliative care, but it was worse than I thought. 

Many doctors are abandoning their oaths. They ignore many of the demonstrably useful tools available for relieving suffering. These are the same doctors who feel it's a moral duty to kill their patients on formal request!  My friend's stance on Doctor killing patients isolated him from policy making. 

This inversion is consistent with the corrupt practice of giving people dangerous, poorly tested medicines at an advanced stage of illness, and block access to Ivermectin.

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Based upon the small number of staff I've interacted with, the PCU I'm in appears to be staffed by individuals who are following top-down pseudo-medical diktats when it comes to the 'pandemic' gain-of-function fraud.

The one exception confided in me that she cried when forced to take mandatory 'vaccines', and that she now feels tired all of the time.

In aid of her future decision making when confronted with the next installment of what is clearly emerging as an open-ended 'vaccine' schedule, I emailed her a good portion of the avalanche of evidence I've accumulated on COVID since the penny dropped for me in March 2020.

Regarding MAiD.

I've signed up for it and, after a lengthy period of getting to know me better, two independent palliative care physicians have signed off on my eligibility to ask for and to receive MAiD within three days of my request.

IMHO, enduring the pointless suffering – and its associated erosion of one's dignity – in the face of the inevitable, is completely pointless as I have nothing to prove to anyone.

However, there seems to be a gradual loosening of the legislative criteria for receiving MAiD here in Canada that somewhat resonates with the Club of Rome's remedial stance on what really ails the world.

"Canada’s assisted dying law is currently under review by the Parliament of Canada’s Special Joint Committee on Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID). The Committee is considering five issues, including advance requests, MAID for mature minors and those whose sole condition is a mental illness, the state of palliative care, and the protection of people with disabilities. Dying With Dignity Canada (DWDC) would like to clear up some misinformation surrounding MAID, the criteria and safeguards, and its application that we have been reading in recent media."

Myths and Facts – Medical assistance in dying (MAID) in Canada | Dying With Dignity Canada

Then of course, there's this remarkable candor which by now is well known to anyone who's been paying attention.

Note the generally favourable comments:

October 25, 2007
Global Population Control - Boris Johnson

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Corona Investigative Committee of attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

"A group of international lawyers, top level experts, and renowned scientists present the evidence before a Grand Jury that the COVID-19 pandemic is a criminal operation, with the purpose of installing a world dictatorship.

Among the expert witnesses are World Health Organization advisors, a United Nations official, members of British Intelligence Services, former officers from the U.S. and U.K. military, an expert from the Center for Disease Control, a former vice-president from Pfizer, a Nobel prize winner for medicine, and many other high-level witnesses."

Lawyers present evidence that pandemic is used for world dictatorship

Microsoft Word - Grand Jury - World Domination FINAL REVISIE 2.docx - GrandJurySummary1.pdf

The one part they got wrong is that the City of London tried but failed to gain effective control of the United States.

I've emailed them info to the contrary.

August 2022
Free Speech Union

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