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56M here, if I've got the lingo right. Just discovered this website today (well, Wednesday), and like what I've seen of it so far. Discovered the "Feelings" forum an hour ago, and was pleasantly surprised. Am from the London area, ish; currently stuck on a Scottish island. Bloodcurdlingly leftwing - and totally without party, clique, or cult. Far too radical for all of that. Not into "science" - it's OK as a method for investigating some kinds of question, but of universal applicability? You'd have to be joking. What's the opposite to science? I can answer in one word but it's deep so I'll leave it hanging. Strongly dislike all kinds of attitude towards society or its future that are based on the notion of "artificial intelligence" - a strong contender for first prize as the most extreme patriarchal outlook it may be possible to get. Screw Google, screw Facebook. Screw careerism, eco-politics, academia, journalism, smartphones, eugenics and associated cobblers such as "IQ". Lifelong rebel. I like "Invasion of the Bodysnatchers" (1978 version) - oh, and "If..." (1968). Home-educated my now 26yo son until he started at university. Have been called obsessed with everything but it isn't true, honest. I like Mondrian, like Sylvia P, gotta hand it to Alan M for "Jerusalem", sometimes listen to Dr Feelgood (Wilko epoch), don't smoke, don't drink alcohol or take drugs, and am absolutely - in gut, mind, and heart - opposed to racism. Value good manners, wit, respect for humanity and other animals, good grammar, and contempt for the caste system. Vegetarian. Monogamous. Guess you'd say fairly introverted. Not into Jung, though. There won't be any return to the pre-pandemic era. There just won't be. Wouldn't be surprised if Britain turns out to be a bit of a laboratory country, given the subservience of most of its population. Can rant on about the Tory deity Malthus. Are you female and on the same wavelength? It'd be nice to hear from you. PM me. Geography no issue. Got a short list of desired characteristics but too shy to post it publicly. (No idea whether I'll receive several nice messages or none except for perhaps one or two telling me to swallow my lefty head!)

January 2023
Free Speech Union

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