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50M Yorkshire Chap Seeks...Someone!

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Bookish Brexiteer Bisexual (yes, that's always a good way to start, isn't it? Way to sell yourself Mr _fatalist_!!!) - seeks single and sceptical open-minded girl/woman/lady/female (delete as applicable) in Yorkshire for something serious but, somewhat vitally, fun.

I'm VERY single, have no kids, no pets, am solvent, have job, mortgage, blah blah blah.

Would like a little more from life than the mundane day-to-day existence life currently offers - especially under the current "WFH" (WTF?) regime.

Here's what I am...

* A sceptic and a cynic - though I'm battling hard to cut down on the cynicism these days as it takes too much energy!
* A lover of good books and literature of all sorts
* A lover of good music of all sorts
* A lover of history and historic places
* A lover of learning new things and exploring new places
* A lover of the outdoors - as long as it's not raining too hard
* Into meditation and yoga - but, and let's get this straight from the start, NOT a hippie, weirdo, veggie or XR freak
* Determinedly, decidedly and boringly monogamous. How old fashioned of me...
* Not seeking someone utterly similar to myself as that could prove...tedious!

Here's what I'm not...

* I'm not a fan of dogs so it's unlikely I'll get on with yours, I'm afraid
* I'm not into crap music, crap TV, crap books...crap in general actually (by my definition of "crap" of course!)
* I'm not into drinking, drugging or smoking
* I'm not a big fan of people unable to spell, string a few words together or use an apostrophe correctly. Its not hard. (See what I did there???)

What about you? Well...

* If you're a bit "arty", then we should get on well.
* If a few hours spent in a gallery or museum isn't your idea of hell - that's a bonus...
* If you're interested in the world out there, we could well be a match...
* If you're independent but seeking someone special to share your life with while also living your own life to the full, then we're well on the way...
* If you want to meet someone you intend to "change" until they fit your idea of perfection - then boo! We're really not going to get on.

What are the chances of there being someone out there like that in LockdownScepticsLand, I wonder? Hmmmm... Over to YOU!

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Thank you for your very honest biopic.

Would you like to 'talk to me?' This is what this tentative foray is, is it not?

I will not bore you with personal details, etc., but I contact you to see if you wish to communicate with a fellow human being.

I am a historian and writer, amongst other things. This is bait, designed to appeal to your interests so that you may feel encouraged to reply. However, the precise tone of my message may lack sparkle so this is where I reference my many humerous characteristics, including dancing on tables, dressed as a banana, but only for Charity which makes that humerous lie acceptable.

So onto a little real feeling - I miss having someone with a brain to talk to. I miss trotting round historic sites and old houses, I miss sharing things like observations of plot and character development in the old books I collect. I miss a good 'spell check' on this site. I would like someone to share my interests with. I do not mind if deep friendship is all.

I leave this (possibly) poor introduction with you.


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I tried to send you a private message, but it got stuck in my Outbox.

You sound really interesting...and refreshingly direct.

I'm a youthful, 55 year-old book, music and countryside loving, wild-haired, occasional poet, fledgling guitarist and sceptic. And I'm drug and alcohol free. Not a Yorkshire resident, but definitely a fan.

Beneath the cynicism I'm actually a romantic...Therefore, I'm not comfortable doing this, but hey, it's lockdown- the old rules don't apply any more...

If you'd like to write back, that would be great. But if not, have a nice day!

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I love the clarity in your intro...it sounds like you are a man who knows what he wants and knows what he likes in life which is always a good thing. A lot of what you say resonates and I think we might have some common ground. If you want to chat more my email address is

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Hi -  speaking from experience of this website - I believe it appears your outgoing message gets stuck in your Outbox until the recipient looks at it.

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Hello Herenow,

Thanks for your message- you're right- it was a case of trial and error before I realised!

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