27 March 2021  /  Updated 17 July 2021
Intellect of your a...
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Intellect of your average anti-vaxxer?

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In a blow to anti-vaxxers, an extreme anti-vaxxer got  27 months  in jail for posting   a fake bomb to a vaccine factory near Wrexham, Wales, in, I expect, an effort to spoil the vaccine roll out, the fool, Anthony Collins, a 54 year old  from Chatham, left a letter in the parcel showing his own address, which serves to high-light the intellect of your average anti-vaxxer. The ploy did not work, the UK ended up being one of the most vaccinated countries in the world.

That is now paying huge divdends, with the country staying out of lockdowns, thanks to stable case numbers.


In my opinion, the mug should have got 27 years, not months.