Peter Bell

Postcard From Tenerife

by Peter Bell By early February 2022, some relaxation of the extremely tight U.K. rules was in force. Thus, in the taxi to the airport, the requirement to wear face nappies was – thank heaven – no longer mandatory. In the airport terminal entrance hall, check-in, and security areas, the wearing of masks was strictly enforced; but bizarrely, this was not the case in the main departure lounge airside, with only about 25% of people, presumably voluntarily, wearing them. (As an aside, we pitied those who were going on a fly-cruise to Barbados: they had been compelled to be at the airport no less than five hours before departure, mainly because they had to undergo an in-airport CoViD test.) By the time we were at the gate and boarding the aircraft, back on went the masks at the demand of a yellow-jacketed functionary. On the GB-registered TUI aircraft it was announced that masks had to be worn "as a condition of carriage, and regardless of vaccination status", thereby showing that this is a decision by the operator, irrespective of any government guidelines. The comment about "vaccination status" was completely illogical, as we would never have been able to have completed the Spanish locator forms without having been triple-vaccinated, and the production of these had been required as part of the...

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August 2022
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