What is the Exit Strategy?

Further Reading

This is how to end lockdown and bring the economy back to life‘ by Gerard Lyons, The Telegraph, April 4th 2020

We cannot stay in this coronavirus lockdown limbo until a vaccine is found‘ by Nick Boles, The Sunday Times, April 5th 2020

Allow young people out of lockdown early to get country moving, say business experts’ by Sarah Knapton, The Telegraph, April 7th 2020

When and how will Germany’s lockdown measures end?‘ by Rachel Loxton, The Local, April 7th 2020

We cannot leave our coronavirus exit strategy to the experts‘ by Andrew Lilico, The Telegraph, April 9th 2020

Has Boris’s guru found the key to getting economy out of lockdown! Economist Gerard Lyons to hand Ministers plan to get shops open in weeks‘ by Helen Cahill, Mail on Sunday, April 11th 2020

NHS phone app holds key to lifting UK’s coronavirus lockdown‘ by Tim Shipman and Nick Rufford, Sunday Times, April 12th 2020

The case for ending the football coronavirus ban‘ by David Paton, The Spectator, April 12th 2020

The lockdown is NOT a way of beating this virus‘ by Doctor Malcolm Kendrick, drmalcolmkendrick.org, April 12th 2020

Spain loosens coronavirus lockdown, death toll passes 17,000 but pace slows‘ by Jose Elías Rodríguez, Nathan Allen, Reuters, April 13th 2020

Could coronavirus crisis be over in 2 weeks?‘ by Shimon Cohen, Arutz Sheva 7, April 13th 2020

The Government has done well so far, now we need a plan to get Britain back in business‘ by Brooks Newmark, CapX, April 15th 2020

Researchers suggest alternating lockdowns to exit corona‘, Israel 21 C, April 13th 2020

The truth about the Government’s exit strategy is that there isn’t one‘ by Fraser Nelson, The Telegraph, April 16th 2020

Controlled infection to exit COVID-19 lockdown: a first utilitarian analysis‘, Chris Hope, Cambridge Judge Business School, April 16th 2020

Boris Johnson’s former economic adviser tells PM to go for growth‘ by Tim Wallace and Tom Rees, The Telegraph, April 21st 2020

A sensible COVID-19 exit strategy for the UK‘ by Nicholas Lewis, nicholaslewis.org, April 24th 2020

Two weeks’ quarantine if travelling to UK under plans for “second phase” of coronavirus response’ by Edward Malnick, The Telegraph, April 25th 2020

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