Twitter Refuses to Delete Death Threat Against J.K. Rowling, While Branding Oxford Professor’s Dissent From Covid Orthodoxy “Fake News”

In spite of suspending Professor Carl Heneghan for posting a link to his colleague’s study about the U.K.’s unreliable way of measuring Covid deaths, Twitter has refused to remove a death threat against author J.K. Rowling. MailOnline has more

Trans campaigner Faye ‘Trust Fund Ozu’ included the threatening words as part of a 90s-themed video titled “J.K. Rowling diss track”.

The video sees the singer against an animated backdrop with vocals about “killing TERFS” [Trans exclusionary radical feminists] and “J.K. hope you fit in a hearse”.

The Harry Potter novelist posted screen grabs of the song on Twitter and wrote: “I’m afraid I can’t give a shout out to everyone promising to murder me – there are so many of you, and I’m a busy woman – but this one deserves a mention for the nineties rave vibe.”

Actor James Dreyfus reported the activist’s post on Twitter, but the social media platform failed to uphold the complaint over the alleged threat as it hadn’t “broken its safety policies”.

Dreyfus tweeted the response and said: “Surprise, Surprise! So, death threats = Good. Saying ‘women are women’ = Bad. Congratulations Twitter Support. You’ve hit rock bottom. Seek help.”

Meanwhile, when Professor Carl Heneghan posted a link to a Mail on Sunday article about dodgy Covid death stats, Twitter branded the tweet “fake news” and suspended his account, only restoring it after a furious backlash.

Worth reading in full.

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