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...The Exposé reports on a Japanese study looking at the phenomenon of acute corneal graft rejection after Covid vaccination. “Jonathan Engler on Anomalies in the Excess Death Statistics from Northern...

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...contributor Dr Claire Craig FRCPath, along with Dr Jonathan Engler, has kindly written this list of killer questions for readers to send to their MPs: Why are SARS-CoV-2 antibody levels...

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...consultations, hospital admissions and overall deaths, are normal. It is authored by Dr Mike Yeadon, Dr Clare Craig, Jonathan Engler and Christian McNeill, and comes with all their expertise and...

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...Latest from the mighty Ivor Cummins on the Fat Emperor podcast featuring Lockdown Sceptic contributors Joel Smalley, Dr Clare Craig and Jonathan Engler “Chinese sociologist: ‘As long as 1.4 billion...

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...and her colleague Dr Jonathan Engler have examined the research evidence behind the claim that COVID-19 can by transmitted by asymptomatic individuals. They have written an important paper on the...

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...for COVID-19” – Dr Clare Craig and Dr Jonathan Engler’s excellent Lockdown Sceptics piece from yesterday makes an appearance in letter form in the BMJ “COVID-19 ‘dramatically worsened’ lives of...

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March 2023
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