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...the first day before starting work. What could go wrong? Dr Clare Craig with Mark Dolan on talkRADIO A Lockdown Sceptics reader kindly transcribed Dr Clare Craig’s appearance on...

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...below the peaks reached in 2016/17 and 2017/18. We published a piece on Wednesday in Lockdown Sceptics by Dr Clare Craig on Emergency Department Syndromic Indicators that looked at various...

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...they seek it there, those testers seek it everywhere. Is it in Leicester, or in Torbay, that damned elusive RNA. We’ve published an original piece today by Dr Clare Craig...

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...him here. Also Lord Sumption here, and Dr Clare Craig here. A sceptical bonanza! Stop Press: Sceptic legend Professor Sucharit Bhakdi appeared on the TRIGGERnometry podcast, asking: Are we being...

Latest News dropped or the penalty reduced – as confirmed by this story. Dr Clare Craig: “We Are In A False Positive Pseudo-Epidemic” A member of the Lockdown Sceptics team –...

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...up? Dr Clare Craig, a Consultant Pathologist, has spotted an interesting anomaly in the Government’s treatment of people who’ve been tested repeatedly when it comes to recording their test results...

Latest News intended to eliminate the problem in calculating the positivity rate that Dr Clare Craig spotted in tab 5 of the dataset in the press release that accompanied Chris Whitty...

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